Our planet.



Changes in the climate



1. As in the



3 Charts published in the Guardian :
the greenhouse
CO2 emissions 2050 : what if nothing changes ?




Some articles recently published



11-10-2004, The Guardian, Special report, 'climate change-index.'

24-9-2004, The Guardian, 'Air travellers asked to pay CO2 levy'

07-10-2004, The Guardian, 'Exxon admits greenhouse gas increase.'

09-10-2004, The Guardian, 'Global peril of fire and fertilisers.'

11-10-2004, The Guardian, 'Climate fear as carbon levels soar.'

21-10-2004, The Guardian, 'Forget climate change, say Noble Prize winners.'

23-10-2004, The Guardian, 'Russian vote saves Kyoto protocol.'

23-10-2004, The Guardian, 'This is neither scepticism nor science - just nonsense.'

24-10-2004, The Guardian, '£6m ad alert on global warming.'

25-10-2004, The Guardian, 'Dire warnings from global warming report.'