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02 - Water use and management



14. Global Water Withdrawal and Consumption
Freshwater use is partly based on several socio-economic development factors, including population, physiography, and climatic characteristics. This graphic illustrates freshwater use from 1900 to 2000 for the world's major regions, and projects freshwater use for 2000 to 2025.
15a. Evolution of Global Water Use and Industrial and Domestic Consumption Compared with Throughout the 20th century, global water use has increased in the agricultural domestic and industrial sectors.
15b. Evaporation from Reservoirs. Evaporation from reservoirs has increased at a slower rate. Projections indicate that both global water use and evaporation will continue to increase.
16. Freshwater Withdrawal by Sector in 2000
The agricultural sector is by far the biggest user of freshwater. This graphic shows the relative percentages of water use by the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors in 2000.
17.Global Freshwater Withdrawal: Country Profiles Based on Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic Use
This graphic makes it possible to compare water use by the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors at the national level.
18.Water Supply and Sanitation Coverage
The supply of safe drinking water and the provision of sanitation are management issues that raise concerns of inequitable service provision, particularly in developing countries. This graphic shows water supply and sanitation coverage in urban and rural areas, and compares global water supply and sanitation coverage with that of developing countries.